Our Impact

connecting our community

with art

number of children reached

5 school programs reaching 140 children in 2022

11 CCAC exhibits and 2 dance recitals in 2022

grant money awarded to artists

Over the past 11 years of our history, the CCAC has distributed
over $88,000 in state and federal funds to art organizations and working artists
as the designated partner of the NC Arts Council.

We also regularly award several small projects grants such as support for
Storytelling Festival or for shoes for a group of elementary school cloggers.

We provide up to $1600 annually to support the
Murphy Art Walk for hiring musicians for live performances.

initiatives & organizations supported

Collaborative work with the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area assisted in forming the Blue Ridge Craft Trails
that guides tourists to locations in our community where traditional crafts can be found.

We join forces with ArtsNC and WNC Arts to advocate with our state legislator
to ensure continues and increased funding for The Arts in our communities.
A great example of this is the new Spark the Arts grant for organizations.

economy of artists

The nation’s arts and culture sector

is a

billion dollar industry

that supports 

million jobs.


% of the nation's economy,

a larger share of the GDP than powerhouse sectors such as agriculture, transportation, tourism, and construction.

The arts have a $33 billion international trade surplus.

The arts also accelerate economic recovery:
a growth in arts employment has a positive and causal effect on overall employment.

source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis & Americans for the Arts

Art demonstrates our unity in humanity.